Join us for the November 2011 Smart Stage Mom Workshop!


The Smart Stage Mom Workshop is an exclusive opportunity to work in a small group setting with Casting Director Aaron Jacobs, Owner of AJ Casting and Reel Extras, the largest Casting Service in the North West United States.

This is for serious minded Parents and Young Performers only. There is a lot to learn and dedication to getting more work is required.  Space is limited to 10 Adult and Young performer teams.



When:  November 19th, 2011

Where:  Seattle Center House

Time:  10am – 4pm (Q&A Session to Follow)

Cost:  $250.00 Per Parent and Child team (Normally $350.00!)

The workshop includes: The Actor QuickStart DVD System (a $125.00 value), so you can review what you will learn at any time!

This workshop has been created to help you and your young performer overcome what is holding you back from getting seen by Casting Directors, getting your first Agent (or scoring a better one), creating resumes and headshots that stand out (for the right reasons!), helping you steer clear of scams, give you insider tips and shortcuts that will save you time and money.

In 1 day you will learn more than you thought possible:

How to Dress Kids for an Audition

No matter how long you’ve been in the biz, the question of how to appropriately dress your child for an important audition is always there.  You want your child to be the one the casting director thinks is the perfect fit for the part but you don’t want to look like you or your kid are trying too hard.  Let Toddlers & Tiaras be a warning to us all about the dangers of child actor outfit excess.

Toddlers and Tiara’s aside, here are some concrete tips for dressing the part without overdoing it: Continue reading